Training Schedule

Weekly Training Schedule
Week Number:   24
         From:  10-Jun-24    To:  14-Jun-24

Monthly / Yearly Training Schedule
Monthly / Yearly Training Schedule
Courses Inclusive Dates
AMOS for Windows 06-May-24 to 07-May-24
Applied Safety and Resilience Support Level 02-May-24 to 02-May-24
29-May-24 to 29-May-24
Automatic External Defibrillator 30-May-24 to 30-May-24
Crane Operator Course with Basic Maintenance 06-May-24 to 07-May-24
27-May-24 to 28-May-24
13-May-24 to 14-May-24
20-May-24 to 21-May-24
Mental Health and Wellbeing/Letís Talk 03-May-24 to 03-May-24
09-May-24 to 09-May-24
24-May-24 to 24-May-24
30-May-24 to 30-May-24
Painting, Tools and Equipment Maintenance 02-May-24 to 03-May-24
Resilience Mod. 1-10 02-May-24 to 02-May-24
10-May-24 to 10-May-24
23-May-24 to 23-May-24
31-May-24 to 31-May-24
Safe Bunkering Operation 02-May-24 to 02-May-24
23-May-24 to 23-May-24
31-May-24 to 31-May-24
Safe Ship's Crane Operation, Maintenance and Cargo Watch 20-May-24 to 24-May-24
Training Officer Course 27-May-24 to 28-May-24
Courses Inclusive Dates
Advanced Liquefied Gas Tanker Training Course For Ratings (OTG Module) 27-May-24 to 27-May-24
Anchoring and Anchoring Procedures 06-May-24 to 06-May-24
Anko Loading Familiarization 28-May-24 to 28-May-24
Bridge Resource Management 02-May-24 to 04-May-24
29-May-24 to 31-May-24
Bridge Team Management Course 27-May-24 to 31-May-24
Chartco One Ocean Familiarization 06-May-24 to 07-May-24
CMS Vessel Familiarization 06-May-24 to 06-May-24
Collision Avoidance 13-May-24 to 17-May-24
Containership for Deck Operation 08-May-24 to 09-May-24
Familiarization Course using the FURUNO ECDIS 09-May-24 to 10-May-24
GL Ship Manager Familiarization 13-May-24 to 13-May-24
GMDSS - REFRESHER 20-May-24 to 20-May-24
Lifeboat On-Load (Hook) Release 13-May-24 to 13-May-24
Passage Planning 02-May-24 to 04-May-24
RADAR Navigation and use of ARPA 06-May-24 to 10-May-24
Ropeworks and Riggings 07-May-24 to 08-May-24
Safemooring Operation and Anchor Assembly 13-May-24 to 14-May-24
Ship Handling Course 02-May-24 to 04-May-24
22-May-24 to 24-May-24
Ship Manoeuvering and Handling 06-May-24 to 08-May-24
Ship Manoeuvering and Handling (Large Vessels) 06-May-24 to 07-May-24
Ship Manoeuvering and Handling (Twin Screw) 08-May-24 to 09-May-24
Ship Manoeuvering and Handling on Turkish Straits 09-May-24 to 10-May-24
Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork 27-May-24 to 28-May-24
Ship's Engine Room Machineries 20-May-24 to 20-May-24
Steering 15-May-24 to 16-May-24
Steering (Cape Size Bulker) 16-May-24 to 17-May-24
Type Specific ECDIS-Raytheon 16-May-24 to 17-May-24
Ulysses Task Assistant 13-May-24 to 13-May-24
Wire Rope Construction and Maintenance 21-May-24 to 21-May-24
Courses Inclusive Dates
Coupling And Pumps 20-May-24 to 21-May-24
Diesel Engineering Course 22-May-24 to 23-May-24
Electronically Controlled Diesel Engine 22-May-24 to 23-May-24
Engine Room Resource Management (ERM) 02-May-24 to 04-May-24
29-May-24 to 31-May-24
Engine Room Simulator (ERS) 27-May-24 to 28-May-24
Framo Operation 27-May-24 to 29-May-24
Fresh Water Generator 06-May-24 to 06-May-24
Fuel and Oil Purifier (Auxiliary Machineries & Systems (Oil Purifiers and Pumps)) 07-May-24 to 08-May-24
Fuel Oil, Lube Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Analysis (Martechnic) 30-May-24 to 31-May-24
General Engine Room Works 06-May-24 to 10-May-24
Lathe Machine Operation 06-May-24 to 10-May-24
20-May-24 to 24-May-24
27-May-24 to 31-May-24
Marine Electrical Upgrading 06-May-24 to 10-May-24
Oily Water Separator 08-May-24 to 08-May-24
Oily Water Separator with Oil Record Book 09-May-24 to 09-May-24
Packing and Seal 10-May-24 to 10-May-24
Welding and Soldering 06-May-24 to 10-May-24
20-May-24 to 24-May-24
27-May-24 to 02-Jun-24
Courses Inclusive Dates
Food and Hygiene 20-May-24 to 30-May-24

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