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ISNTC’s 8-week structured Pre-Sea Training Program is a holistic pre-sea training for cadets and fitter, electrician, and steward trainees.

Both theoretical and practical activities of both soft and technical skills are conducted at ISNTC’s own training facilities complete with dormitories to ensure quality training and trainees will experience the real ship scenario. Furthermore, it has an e-Learning facility to support the cadets’ and trainees’ learning anytime and wherever.

The learning and training do not end in our training facility as each trainee’s progress is continuously monitored onboard through our Onboard Training Monitoring Program. This structured training program will help qualify the deck and engine cadets for bachelor’s degree and licensure exams who have completed the academic requirements from their respective schools, college, or university.

ISNTC collaborates with its clients or sponsoring companies in conducting the pre-selection and assessment process to ensure that quality candidates will be selected and will be developed into promising seafarers, officers, and engineers. Standards and qualifications are specified by clients or sponsoring companies in the selection of candidates. Those who meet the qualification will be given a computer-based test in Math, Science, and English. An initial interview will be the next step to ensure candidates’ suitability for the program. A medical exam is also required to ensure the fitness of candidates. Those who passed the test, interview, and medical will be admitted into the program.

The following are in the Pre-Sea Training Program:

  • Deck Cadet
  • Engine Cadet
  • Fitter Trainee
  • Electrician Cadet
  • Steward Trainee

For partnership and collaboration, you may reach through our e-mail at or our landline (02) 8522-3477. Let's work together in developing and preparing your pool of future seafarers and officers.

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