Our Commitment


Mission and Vision

Guided and motivated by the Training Center’s aphorism “Training for Competency and Professionalism”, ISNTC aims to be the first and be the best choice- the top professional maritime training and assessment center displaying excellence towards knowledge and skills enhancement while being mindful in the personal, environmental and social responsibility. 

ISNTC is committed to:

 •  Provide seafarers with high quality level standards of training to meet the requirements and satisfaction of our customers, seafarer’s employers, and our employees based on relevant laws, rules and regulations nationally and internationally.

•  Improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of Filipino seafarers by enhancing and supplementing the existing local and international minimum training standard, to evaluate the competency of seafarer, and familiarize the on-signing crewmembers, to guide and assist seafarer during their career, to ensure personal safety, safe and better-maintained ships, environmental protection, and adherence to Quality System. 



I      Integrity (Be honest and fair)

S     Service (We give our best at what we do)

N    Nurture (We develop professionals)

T    Teamwork (We provide help or ask for help)

C    Continuous Improvement (We exceed the known standard)


Intership Navigation Training Center (ISNTC) is committed to provide quality training to Filipino seafarers. We believe that by always giving our best in our quest to be a globally competitive maritime training provider, we also touch the lives of our seafarers by equipping them with a high standard of training that will work safely and effectively onboard.


"The concept of commitment, collaboration, communication and continuous improvement are key elements in the ISNTC way of life and is embraced by the company management and employees as well as our external suppliers."

Four C's


We commit ourselves to exceed the known standards of training therefore ensuring steady supply of globally competitive Filipino seafarers.


We value every feedback, suggestions and ideas from our employees, trainees, customers and business partners that lead to collaboration to drive innovation and success.


We reach out and listen to our stakeholders, understand their needs and provide the right solution while creating a positive customer experience.

Continuous Improvement

Our efforts will always be towards the improvement of our quality system by providing our employees with the necessary skills and support to do the job; and empowering them to contribute in achieving company goals.

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