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ISNTC Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008

Changes and Challenges

ISNTC had its Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000) recertified in December 29, 2008 by Germanischer Lloyd. Since then it has undergone a surveillance audit in December 2009 and surveillance/transition audit in December 2010 for the ISO9001:2008 version.

Last year, changes were seen in the growth of the organization in terms of number of employees, new positions, promotions and lateral transfers. In February 2011 the management decided to work for the reorganization of the Management System.


Organizational Chart: Two-Department Structure

This started with the restructuring of ISNTC organizational chart to reflect the major changes. The new organizational chart would show a two-department structure in the Training Department - headed by the Training Director who manages the sections: Engine, Deck, Catering, Research & Development, Multimedia Development Center, HRCD-S and Practical Site. The other half being the Administration Department - headed by the Administration Manager who oversees the sections: HRCD-L, Registration, Accounting, Business Support, Maintenance, and Safety. These two Department Heads will directly report to the President.

The new ISNTC structure brought fine results as the Training Director was able to focus on the improvements in the delivery of training courses and the Administration Manager will concentrate on the management of resources, maintenance, and upcoming projects.


Internal Auditors Training

To augment the list of internal auditors the Quality Management Group invited 6 members to Internal Auditor Training Seminar in March of this year. All attendees successfully completed the course and received their certificates.

ISNTC has conducted its first Internal Audit for the year in May. It was a more extensive audit to ensure that all areas were covered. This activity was a challenge to the neophyte auditors which everyone was excited to do and eventually appreciated it after completing their respective assignments.

To date, the organization is in the process of adjusting into this new two-department structure. And slowly every member is coping with the changes.

The Quality Management Group will carry out its second Internal Audit on September to prepare for the Certification Audit by Germanischer Lloyd in October.


C/E Jose Antonio S. Tubilleja


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