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Safety First

Safety is the utmost concern of every crew on board as well as employees of ASM-ISNTC. It has been the universal concern in maritime business and even in different sectors of the community.

Basic Fire Fighting

Nowadays, Fire Emergency Plan becomes the top concern of all. Fire can exists anytime, anywhere that might cause serious damage to an individual, shipment, and ship herself.

In response to the prevailing circumstances, the ASM-ISNTC conducted an awareness seminar regarding the Basic Fire Fighting (BFF) and Basic First Aid (BFA). Principles of fire, its composition and extinguishing methods were introduced to the staff to heighten individual knowledge and to give proper education on how act accordingly if such situation arises.

In Basic Fire Fighting, the facilitator C/M F. Ferro, emphasized the important things like signal/alarms when there is fire, fire triangles, classification of fire, types of fire extinguishers, rules in extinguishing fire, and personal protective equipment.


Basic First Aid

On the other hand, Basic First Aid plays a big role in most accidents. Discussing this matter are Dr. Gomez of  L. Gutierrez Clinic. Topics like Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Artificial Resuscitation (AR), and How to carry a Victim were discussed.

Similar objective is being applied and practiced among employees, deck and engine personnel including cadets in preparation for their work on board.

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